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Thank you for visiting Wonderland! We are a family farm that breeds registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Kamloops, British Columbia and are passionate about the breed. Their sweet personalities, incredible colours and most of all the ability to be amazing milkers with the creamiest milk of all goats make them a fantastic choice for many homesteaders.


We breed for correct conformation that does well in the show ring and are focused on increasing milk production. In 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019 we participated in the CGS Linear Appraisal and confirmed we were on the right track with our breeding program. The health of our herd is of utmost importance and we think part of that is annually testing for CAE and Johne's diseases; we have been fully negative for the past seven years (the last testing completed Dec. 2020). We look forward to building and improving our herd with the amazing foundation animals we have acquired. 


If you follow us on facebook you will find lots of updates and pictures of the herd!






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