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Reference Bucks

Camanna BA Elijah Blue EX90
Sire: Poppy Patch Blue Avatar

SS: Buttin'Heads Father Christmas

SD: Poppy Patch FM Marilyn Munroe


Dam: Camanna PC Cleopatra in Blue

DS: Pecan Hollow TW Prince Caspian

DD: Camanna FD Blue Veronica

Blue Eyes


I have admired Cleopatra in Blue in the Camanna herd and was hoping for a 2015 buckling to import but the kid was so stunning he was retained, so when I saw an older Cleo buck come up for sale I jumped at the chance to bring him up and boy am I glad he is here. Cleopatra's mammory system is everything we want to see in our girls, lovely high and wide rear attachments and strong medial and easy to milk teats. Elijah is very angular, and incredibly wide from the chest floor through to the hocks.


Camanna Cleopatra in Blue udder pic used with permission from Camanna Petite Paradise.

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