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Odds Are D Mighty Midas

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We snapped up Midas as soon we saw his Dam, SG Little Dipper Bebesorphanannie US production records, placing her in the US 98% percentile rank in production parameters we snapped her up, she proced 4-5 lbs/day and had 5 Grand Champion wins. Oh and he also happens to be polled!


Two of Midas's paternal sisters have also been awarded their Superior Genetics designation and recently classified VEEE 90 and VEVE 89, and Odds Are D Bouncin Boots is very closely related to Midas and we got our own little carbon copy of her with the Midas daughter that is linebred on him, Stormwatcher Oh My Darling!

His daughters and grand-daughters have lovely dairy character, sharp withers and superb soft udder texture and large, well placed teats.

Dam in behind: Little Dipper Orphanannie
Dam: Annie's 7th freshening
Daughter line-bred on Midas:
Stormwatcher Oh My Darling
Paternal Sister and maternally related:
SG Odds Are D Bouncin Boots 3*M
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