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Wonderland MM Lucky Charms

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This is a very special girl that will probably never leave the farm. She was useds as Brielle's 4h project and shows herself very well. The judges have pointed out her length and angularity and dairy character. Lucky took 2nd place in a large class of sr. doe kid at the West Nationals as well as K-days and was the Jr Grand Champion Nigerian Dwarf at the North Thompson Fall Fair, behind her 3/4 sibling from the year before. 

Well Lucky continues so be our absolute favourite doe to watch in the herd. She has a style and grace that is is so rare in Nigerians. She is extremely long and level and sharp and we absolutely adore her dairy neck. She freshened with a decent ff udder that we are quite certain will improve in further freshenings; she has a strong medial and good sized teats and the texture we have come to expect from Midas daughters. She does have wide teat placement but we expect the medial to pull them more plumb in further freshenings.




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